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Imperial House lights up with LED cost savings

Welcoming along Christmas tied in with the completion of an LED energy saving installation to a Birmingham city central office building.

Fitted & supplied by Birmingham-based electrical contractors PH Adams, the project will save the owners over £3300 per annum in electricity and maintenance costs.

108 original 4x18 T8 CAT 2 fittings have been replaced with highly efficient, innovative LED flat panels. The new panels effectively reduce the current annual lighting maintenance cost of Imperial House from £1200 to zero. As an extra benefit, the LED lighting fittings come with a five-year warranty. Presence detectors were also introduced, which anticipate a further 20% energy consumption reduction.

The 7461 - 16461 Sq Ft two-story office building, located on Temple Street, Birmingham, boasts impressive architecture to the exterior. Inside, the owner commissioned the electrical install to further optimise the attractiveness and commercial viability of the property, which is currently on the market.

A comprehensive survey was carried out to initially determine the current lighting consumption. The results showed usage of ten hours per day, 300 days per year and a calculated cost of 11p Kwh per hour.

The LED install will result in an energy consumption saving of 18,792Kwh per year, a phenomenal electricity cost saving of £2067 per year, plus the zero maintenance costs, and a reduction of 9858.28 KgCo2e per year in carbon consumption. This will prove invaluable going forward, as carbon is evermore becoming a trading commodity.

“LED technology has advanced massively over the past year and it’s projects like this that really highlight commercial productivity improvements, high cost savings to be achieved and the positive impact on the environment.”

“We have carried out numerous LED energy saving installations for both public and private sectors. We have seen first hand, the efficiency, environmental and cost savings bought about by these projects,” says Lloyd Norton, Director, P.H Adams.



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